cjconsultation – VarioFocus lens – first impressions / test – „pimp your scope“

cjconsultation – VarioFocus lens – first impressions / test – „pimp your scope“
von Dr. Andreas Habash

some weeks ago I had the chance to test a new product designed by Mr. Jung from cjconsultation.de.

We had the possibility  to do work with the new scope lens called VarioFocus for a week.

The scope zoom lens has a housing of only 3cm in total. We did not believe in the performance of the little lens as there has to be a lot of know how in only these little 3 cm.

We got the lens with a special protection lens to cover the optical system.

The specs from the manufacturing company is:
magnification 2,75 – 26,5 x
with a scope tube f 170 and ocular wide field 12,5 attached

Bad thing … I had to sent it back after a short time as it was to be shown at an endodontic congress.

Bad thing … because in only a few days I got used to the little adjustment knob at the side to adjust the settings with the VarioFocus lens. Not more than these view days did the thing … they made me miss the lens I never ever had before.

I need this lens – and – although the pricing is not yet set – I ordered one as there are two main advantages
– I can zoom into the tooth or even the root canal.
– I can adjust the focus for photos easily

The VarioFocus lens is going to be adaptable for any dental scope … for every brand ..

it is exiting

so stay tuned

more information here: cjconsultation

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