new camera and lens for dental photography?

new camera and lens for dental photography?
(Dr. Andreas Habash)

I had the chance to test the Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM on a Canon M Camera for some days in our dental office.

The idea was to see if the setup is suitable for the dental documentation and the requirements we need in our dental offices.

The first thoughts:
– normally we use a focal lens of around 100mm for this kind of job
– the 28mm on a M camera „behaves“ like a 44mm lens which is more a wide angle setup
– the LED light is great so let´s see if it works for the dental pictures
– the setup with lens and cam would be great for assistance to use
– if it works like a plug and play easy to use setup it would be superb
– the WB setup is to be tested before use in daily routine
– the ratio of the light can be set to „right“ „left“ and equal to both sides
– the LED can be set to two different power settings
– image stabilisation IS lens for better handheld pictures

At first here is the setup and some pictures of the different light settings:

The new macro lens is unique in the category, meets the requirements for dental photography, combined to the M camera for compact form factor, simplifies the documentation tasks and the system offers great convenience.

So let´s see some pictures:

  1. it is easy to use
  2. you can see distortion as for using a „wide“ lens
  3. probably it is better than other point and shoot options
  4. the led-light could be of more power as some shots require a long exposure time

Here is another picture where the wide angle view is even more obvious:

Habash Andreas Canon 28mm STM IS Macro 093

Next I tried it on some work of our dental technician.
The big advantage is that in addition to the LED light you can try to optimize the light with additional light.
On the other side this effect is not of big use in „Supermacro“ mode.

In my opinion it is a great idea and it is useable for basic documentation tasks.
In our dental office use it is not possible to use a tripod – on the other hand we suffer from lack of light in the patients mouth – so the IS image stabilization) option which is in the lens does a great job.
As you can see the setup is of great value for the dental technician´s work.
For us dentists I would like to have more LED power and more focal lens – if this would be possible it would be a great plug and play option for dental documentation.


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